Neurology Update Mumbai

Hotel J W Marriott Mumbai Sahar

2nd, 3rd, 4th FEBRUARY 2024

Welcome to Neurology Update Mumbai

It gives us immense pleasure to once again announce the Neurology Update Mumbai 2024 which is scheduled from 2nd to 4th February 2024.

Neurology Update Mumbai takes place every two years. However, due to the pandemic we had to unfortunately postpone the conference scheduled for 2022 and later organised it in 2023. Since the Organizing Committee would like to revert to our original schedule, we will be holding our next conference in 2024 and thereafter resume our regular pattern of holding the conference every 2 years, with the next one in 2026.

The Neurology Updates are theme-based events of continuing neurological education. In the past, we have had renowned speakers like Brian Weinshenker, Angela Vincent, Hans Luders, Kazuo Fujihara, Anthony Lang, Jacqueline Palace, Simon Shorvon, Elaine Wyllie and Dean Wingerchuk amongst several other distinguished neurologists to enlighten us on the recent advances in various aspects of neurology.

We sincerely appreciate your participation and support of our meetings and eagerly look forward to the same for 2024.

Prof. B. S. Singhal,
Neurology Update Mumbai 2023.



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